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Md Shahel Khan Graphic Designer
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200.00৳ / প্রতি ঘন্টায় 0৳ উপার্জিত করেছেন
ইলাস্ট্রেটরফটোশপমাইক্রোসফট ওয়ার্ড

Hi, I am Shahel Khan. I am a Graphic designer. I always try to create my design with creativity and patience. I can give a creative and professional touch to your work.

I always ready to do any kind of work related to —

 * Graphic Design, Logo Design, Banner Design, Poster Design, Business Card.

 * Photoshop, Photo Editing, Photo Retouching, Illustration.

 * Word, Power Point Presentation, Data Entry, Sketching. 

If you need someone good in these skills then You are in right Place.

    All buyers are cordially welcome 

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