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Sobuj Theotonius Biswas Website Application developer and Android App Developer Expert
7 বছরের এক্সপেরিয়েন্স 2 কাজ করেছেন ঢাকা
850.00৳ / প্রতি ঘন্টায় 1k+৳ উপার্জিত করেছেন
iOS ডেভলপমেন্টএন্ড্রয়েড এপ ডেভলপমেন্টওয়ার্ডপ্রেসডেভেলপারফটোশপ

I am a PHP Full Stack Developer. 8 years of professional experience with dozens of projects & open for new projects. Responsibility on work and Good Communication skills. Functional & Object Oriented Programming Test Driven Development codeigniter, laravel, android studio ,Node.js,Javascript, React.js, Databse: PostgreSQL / MySQL.

planning and prototyping new applications.

Designing the architecture of the components of an application.

Deciding on the best technologies and languages for the project.

Testing sites and applications in different browsers and environments.

Problem solving. Fixing bugs in existing projects. Researching, incorporating and contributing to Open Source projects.

Learning and testing new technologies, frameworks and languages. Documenting code so other developers can understand and contribute to it.

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  • Edit/Customize a Laravel Script From Codecanyon

    2,000.00৳ August 13, 2019

    Done the job perfectly. Thank you.

  • Theme Zip File

    3,800.00৳ July 17, 2019

    Web Design & Development Expert,
    Just Awesome Developer. Jemon Demo Diyechi Temoni Kore Diyeche.
    Salute him as a best web Developer, I never seen like this developer.

কাজের এক্সপেরিয়েন্স

  • Chief Programmer

    Despotic Soft Limited

    February 2019 - Now

    1) Plans, schedules, and directs preparation of programs to process data solve problems by use of computers.

    2) Consults with managerial and systems analysis personnel to clarify program intent, identify problems, suggest changes and determine extent of programming coding required.

    3) Assigns, coordinates and reviews work of programming personnel.

    4) Develops programs from workflow charts or diagrams, considering factors, like computer storage capacity speed, extent of peripheral equipment, and intended use of output data.

    5) Converts workflow charts to language process able by computer.

    6) Enters program codes into computer.

    7) Enters test data into computer.

    8) Analyzes test runs on computer to correct or direct correction of coded program input data.

    9) Revises or directs revision of existing programs to increase operating efficiency or adapt to new requirements.

    10) Compiles documentation of program development subsequent revisions.

    11) Trains subordinates in programming program coding.

    12) Prescribes standards for terms symbols used to simplify interpretation of programs.

    13) Collaborates with computer manufacturers other users to develop new programming methods.

    14) Prepares records reports..

  • Executive (Nov 02,2018 – March 14,2019)

    PRAN-RFL Group

    November 2018 - March 2019

    Department: DPL (Durable Plastic Limited), MIS


    i) Control all exclusive showroom online system.
    ii) Concern decoration of exclusive showroom.
    iii) Server Maintain.
    iv) Repair Showroom computers & reinstall company online software (POS)
    v) Reporting to higher authority.
    vi) Maintain camera & ensure internet connection in office.
    vii) Maintain employee CV & their files digitally.

  • Programmer (Nov 22,2017 – Oct 25,2018)

    RAFUSOFT-A Security Solution Company

    November 2017 - October 2018

    Department: Software Development


    i) Write programs in a variety of computer languages, such as C++, php and Java
    ii) Update and expand existing programs
    iii) Debug programs by testing for and fixing errors
    iv) Build and use computer-assisted software engineering (CASE) tools to automate the writing of some code
    v) Operate Training (Web Development, Android Development & JAVA)

  • Technical Expert (August 13,2017 – November 20,2017)

    Dinajpur Election Office

    August 2017 - November 2017

    Department: New Voter Registration & Migration


    i) New Voter Registration & Migration
    ii) Technical fault solution of computer operator’s devices (Fingerprint machine, laptop, digital signature pad)
    iii) Report overall report to registration officer.
    iv) Data Server Maintain at District Election Office.
    v) Voter Data Analyze.
    vi) Reporting to election commission using voter registration software.
    vii) Team leading

  • Project Manager

    RAFUSOFT-A Security Solution Company

    June 2014 - February 2016

    Department: HRM (Humane resource management)


    i) Software Project management.
    ii) Support to programmer for successful projects.
    iii) Design software & direction to programmers.
    iv) Maintain timeline for each project & make report.
    v) All official Reporting to office admin.
    vi) Making budget for each project.
    vii) Employee Management.

  • . ICT Technician ( February 16, 2014 - June 30, 2016)

    National ICT infra Network for Bangladesh, MINISTRY OF ICT

    February 2014 - June 2016

    i) Server Maintain using CISCO router.
    ii) Control & configure total 58 Huawei AR-150 model routers at district & Upazila offices.
    iii) Maintaining internet connectivity at district & upazila offices.
    iv) Developed online software application (As like Database Application, Developed Website etc).
    v) LAN connectivity maintain
    vi) Operating video conferencing equipment.
    vii) Maintaining CCTV Camera’s & Finger print attendance machine.
    viii) Control all Ten (10) UDC (Union Digital Center) digital activities & 40 entrepreneur.
    ix) Public relation.
    x) Team leading & builds their skills with variety type of training and consultant.
    xi) Control government schools and colleges digital activities & performance.
    xii) Digital File maintain & reporting to authority.

  • Assistant Teacher (ICT)

    Dinajpur Collectorate School & College

    January 2012 - August 2012

    i) Maintenance of computers in the labs to ensure they are in proper working condition.
    ii) Troubleshooting with software and hardware to working with other peripheral
    equipment, such as printers and scanners.
    iii) Taking computer classes, making digital contents, making Presentation.
    iv) Take other class & also take other class at absence of assistant teacher’s.


  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)

    Hazi Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University

    October 2015 - December 2017

    Focus: Human Resource Management
    CGPA: 3.75 (A)

  • Bachelor of Business Studies

    Dinajpur Govt College

    July 2008 - September 2012

    Second Class: Marks :59.%
    Cource Duration: 4 Year

  • HSC

    Notre Dame College,Dhaka

    June 2006 - June 2008

    Focus: Business Studies
    GPA: 3.70 out of 5

  • SSC

    Chehel Gazi Shikksha Niketan High School and College

    January 2001 - June 2006

    GPA- 4.63 Out of 5