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jaeid ornob Graphich Designer, Web development and Data Annalist
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I have over 4 year experience in Graphic design. End developer and over 5 year developer word press sites. My work is very clear .so everybody enjoy with my work. Graphic Design and Illustration are my passion. I approach my projects with creativity and enthusiasm. Using my design skills, I would love to be able to add value to my client’s business. With 05 years of graphic design work experience specializing in graphics and package design, I make designs, brand identities and logos of highest quality. I am also excellent in illustrating vector / digital artworks and doing freehand drawings.

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  • Graphich Design and web developer

    move multimedia.com

    January 2017 - December 2018

    Graphic design and Web developers


  • BA


    January 2016 - December 2019