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Md. Rakibul Islam Data Entry, Illustrator
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I am perfect for Data entry task for any variation. I have very good record for Alphabetic or Numeric Data entry task. Also I will submit all of my task on due time with actual client requisition. Also I have below fields knowledge.

* MS Word Expert particulars:

1. Attention to detail.

2. Knowledge of computer software, such as Excel.

3. Data Management in MS Word

4. Strong written and verbal communication skills.

5. Fast typing both English & Bangla.

6. Accurate data entry.

7. Ability to work independently.

8. Editing skills.

9. Discretion with confidential data.

10. Bijoy to Unicode &  Unicode to Bijoy

11. PDF file to Word File

12. Questions paper

12. ERP based entry.

* Content Writer: 

1. Web Content Create

2. Facebook Post Create

3. Blog Writing

4.  Article Writing 

5. Product Description Writing 

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কাজের এক্সপেরিয়েন্স

  • Data Entry

    Panjeree Publications, Chaldal Limited, Akij Group

    January 2012 - Now

    Data Entry, Data Analysis, ERP Based Entry


  • Diploma In Computer Science

    National Youth & Technical Training Center

    January 2006 - June 2006

    Microsoft Office Applications, Graphic Design, Internet, Email Maintenance, Computer Assembling, Troubleshoot, Window XP, Windows 7 & 10


  • Master In Social Science (M.S.S)

    Pabna Adward College, Pabna.

    January 2012 - January 2013