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Mohammad Rony Graphic Designer
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Are you looking for Minimal logos? Look No further!

Why nowadays we see mostly Minimal logos for successful brands like Instagram, Twitter & many more? Because it’s an Era of clean and minimal theme.

Design will clearly portray your business with minimum detail yet maximum explanation.

NOTE : My portfolio displays logo designs which falls under standard/premium pack only. Please order appropriate pack to receive such quality of work. 

My Recent Work Sample :

Personally I have made around 100+ happy faces which includes my Freelance and Local experience,Kajkey .


Why me?

  • Reliable and Quick communication
  • Printable and HQ File size
  • Minimalist Logo and Flat Logo Expert

This gig assures you all the print resolution solutions and a brand face for your company.

  • Fast and professional service.
  • Copyrights will be with customer.
  • Get source and editable files ai,eps,psd,pdf and High quality files.


Minimalist Logo | Minimal | Professional | Modern | Text | Vintage | Badge | Hand drawn | Feminine | Signature | Custom Logo Design


Get free consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are source and vector files?

Ans. Source/Vector files are original editable files of the logo which are print ready for high-quality printing. They give you a free hand on customization, be it changing colors or changing of sizes. They come handy for any future design purposes.

2. What is included in Stationary Kit?

Ans. Facebook Cover Photo Twitter Cover Photo FB and Twitter Profile Photo.

3. What is included in Stationary Kit?

Ans.Business Card Design Letterhead Design.

4. When am I available?

Ans.Timeline for UNIQUE gig delivery will always be met. I normally attend to queries 24-7

5. What is meant by PREMIUM design?

Ans. Premium designs are customized, out of the box designed logos. No clip art are used (unless otherwise specified by customer)

6. What is 3D mock-up?

Ans. 3D mock-up is a stylized 3D representation of your 2D designs, which you can see on my  portfolio.

7. Why do I charge for copyrights?

Ans. I only charge for the copyright document (which is a signed copy) You are free to use the logo as it is with all copyrights once the DESIGN is marked completed. Documentation with my signature are charged only.


Ans. Refunds are not available once the process of revision starts on the selected logo. Also when order is marked complete by you refund will be not available

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